Discover the Undiscovered on Rajasthan Tours

The state of Rajasthan is where codes of chivalry are blood-thick, where history sings folklores of fearsome Rajput warriors and where effervescent dance and music forms are not just for entertainment, but also are indispensable part of life. Much has already been said about the colourful kaleidoscope that Rajasthan is; over period of time innumerable globetrotters have explored the erstwhile princely province. Nevertheless the state owns various undiscovered treasures which have stayed untouched by glaring stare of the touring business. On Rajasthan tours one should opt for these offbeat tracks driving through which one can have glimpse of real Rajasthan which lies in its rural areas and cultural capitals. Your tours to Rajasthan will thus showcase a world of lost world charm and myriad colours of Rajasthani culture.

On your Rajasthan tours shun the most frequented touring circuits and travel across the less known regions of the state to be surprised by copious treasures of its cultural vivacity, its historic heritage and the bonhomie of its beings.

Shekhawati Region

A semiarid landscape, Shekhawati region exhibits exquisite paintings in its open-air galleries and dazzles with fluttering fabrics and elegant unseen havelis (mansions). The region with its country roads leading to hidden villages unleashes its secret treasures. The historical region is also famed for its brave and sacrificing Rajput people. The region has a history of opulence and mirth whose relics are still present in form of its 50 forts and palaces spread across. The gleefully carved havelis and temples of the region are recognised as “open art gallery of Rajasthan” for their intricate frescos applauded worldwide.


Rustic setting and grand style a small town of Bundi is nestled in the foothills of Aravali Mountains. Classic havelis, beauteous temples and pictorial hillside lake, Bundi is one picture perfect settlement coming alive from the books of Kipling. The town uncovers another beauteous facade of Rajasthan tours for it showcases a fortune of waterworks, havelis, assorted temples and chhatris with carved pillars to its visitors. The placid lake in which all the gorgeous palaces of the town reflect creating splendid scenery.


Tours to Bhangarh are avoided during the night however, during the day the place epitomizes the beauty of once prospering kingdom. The region marked by remarkable temples is dotted with numerous such striking constructions. Amongst the best names of Gopinath, Someshwar, Mangala Devi and Keshava Rai Temples are most widely known. The region is also embellished with numerous extravagant havelis, a mosque and a palace. The beauty of the place remains in the fact that it is laden with so much of beautiful architecture and yet is safe from the influence of touristy business thereby provides a refreshed experience of Rajasthan tour packages.

When you spurn those guidebooks and go by your instinct your travels are bound to have change of plans and you might make some mistakes and yet in the end you will bag memories worth cherishing for life. When it comes to Rajasthan tours the state is so full of richness of culture and history that no matter what route you take you will surely return with a bagful of exciting memories.

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