Camel Safari in Rajasthan

A camel safari in Rajasthan provides a peep into the culture and traditions as it gets one up-close and personal with the rural life of Rajasthan. A Rajasthan tour is best experienced when travelled on a camel back; a desert safari on camel gives a chance to travel across the ceaseless Thar Desert at your own pace. These camel caravan tours take you to the heart of the desert region that looks vibrant with its cultural practices, jubilant dance performances, intriguing music and people busy in the mundane chores of life. Most fascinating is the incredible, constantly changing sand sculptures created by the winds. Also, the land known for its folklores of bravery and chivalry is adorned with numerous forts, palaces, temples and other marks of architectural brilliance that one comes across on the journey.

A Rajasthan camel safari can either be a day long or can also stretch up to a week pertaining to your comfort and interest. However the best time to go on a safari remains early morning or evening since the inhospitable rays of sun falls directly during the day making travelling a bit tiring. These safaris mostly start from the golden city of Jaisalmer and then traverses through the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan that comprises of Bikaner, Osian, Khimsar and Mandawa. The region is famed for its cultural heritage preserved in the forms of timeless beauty of various paintings and temple structures.

The day spent on the desert requires the company of hats, sunscreen lotions and water bottles; the nights are cold and require woollens and blankets for comfortable stay, but don’t let such descriptions dissuade you from relishing one of the most distinct experiences of the tour to Rajasthan. While on a camel safari to the barren region of Thar Desert, the panorama surrounding is home to some of the endangered species of flora and fauna.

The quaint villages of Rajasthan are typical rural settings that give you an opportunity to experience traditional lifestyle of the region. The mud huts covered with straw roofs, cattle herds, women clad in multi-coloured skirts and mirror work blouses and men looking sturdy with thick moustache busy in mundane jobs to make a living and houses exuding smoke all are captivating sights of Rajasthan tours.

These camel safaris in Rajasthan are decked with all the facilities in order to provide swift travelling experience to the globetrotters visiting Rajasthan for a lifetime experience. An expert English speaking guide accompanies travellers all the time in order to enlighten the travellers on the history of spectacular historic sites such as palaces, temples and historical monuments that one passes by. Folk dance and music performances are arranged during the evening at camp site displaying vibrant colours of Rajasthan’s performing art scene. Apart from these arrangements it is the regular instances that one comes across such as herds of cattle with shepherd grazing on the patches of grass, potters creating exquisite pieces of earthenware, women carrying pitchers of water from far-flung water resources and children posing for a click of your camera is what makes a camel safari an indispensable part of your Rajasthan tour.

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